Exhibition at the Corridor Gallery

Marroquin’s art work is on display in Piecing it Together at the Corridor Gallery in Vancouver, Washington. The exhibit features the collage work of Sam Marroquin and Courtney Hanson. The work will be on view April 19 – June 19, 2021, 10am – 3pm or by appointment. It will also be open from 5 – 8pm on Friday May 7 and June 4 for the First Friday Art Walk. The show is curated by Sharon Svec.

Marroquin's work on view at the Corridor Gallery
Marroquin’s work on view at the Corridor Gallery

Curators note: I’m fascinated by the composition of parts to make whole, and even more fascinated when parts that weren’t consciously made to go together are combined to produce a fantastic outcome and new perspective. I believe the ability to combine and consider varied perspectives makes the world a beautiful and interesting place. Courtney and Sam have long- developed their techniques for making sense of the world around them. Courtney works in collage primarily from magazines and catalogs, while Sam’s work often combines drawing, painting, collage, and found objects.