Online Art Classes For Kids

kids online art class
Kids Online Art Class

The weekly online (via Zoom) art class includes a short art history lesson and learning art skills. Then then students will create their own art project related to the lesson.

The art projects will use materials that students already have on hand such as pencils, pen, colored pencils, crayons, and water color paints. The themes will cover a wide range of subjects, art movements and artists from ancient to contemporary. 

Why Art?

Art is a necessary part of education for children of all ages and these online art classes for kids help provide this vital learning. Studies have shown that kids who participate in arts have improved math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills. Creative problem solving skills are also greatly enhanced for those who regularly practice some form of art. Believe it or not, learning visual arts can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.

We might not all grow up to be talented sculptors or top-notch photographers but creating and participating in art will make everyone involved happier, more creative and well rounded. Most importantly, art enriches and enlightens our lives.

Online Kids art classes
Student Work, 1st Grade – Stary Night

Is Your Child Getting Enough Art?

Sadly, art has been cut from the curriculum of many schools and educational programs. In addition, schools that do offer art are usually not able to offer it to all students. The elementary schools in my area only offer art once a month and it is taught by a parent volunteer, which many classes simply don’t have.

Online Art Classes For Kids

The art classes I offer bridge this gap. I teach and show art that is a critical part of education, for all age levels. This is the perfect supplemental program for homeschool students and public school students alike. Whether your child needs more art than their school is offering or if art is simply not available in your institution, these classes are a great addition to every education.

Online kids art classes
Greek Sculpture Lesson

I take a creative approach to my lessons. The process of creating is much more important than the finished art project. There are no right or wrong answers in art, it is about personal expression. I encourage my students to experiment with different materials and techniques. By listening to and closely observing where each student is at everyone receives individualized attention. Everyone is welcome and valued.

Hands On Lessons

• Discover art history

• Practice art skills

• Explore art materials you have at home

• Be creative and have fun!

• First Class is FREE!!!

Kids online art classes
Student Art, 4th Grade – Bird Painting


I highly recommend this! My son takes from her. And she is so good!

– Stephanie

Great virtual art class. History along with technique. My daughter enjoys it. Great option for homeschool or in addition to virtual learning.


Kids online are lessons
Student Work, 11th Grade – Greek Architecture

Small classes

Students in grades K-12 will receive individual attention in small online Zoom classes. This is a great online art class for for kids of all kinds. Homeschool students can learn and experience arts and culture studies in an in-depth program. It is also a fantastic supplemental program for public school students.

I base my lessons on the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRS) in the Arts guidelines but also try to keep the lessons fun and interesting. 

Online art lessons for kids
Ancient Aztec Art Lesson

Some need based scholarships are available. Please ask.

Classes will resume in fall 2021. K – 12th grade students and their parents are invited to a free trial class. Classes will be held on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm and will last 45 to 60 minutes depending on the project and student needs. Classes are $40 per student per month.

Classes are on-going and students can join at any time. The times and days may change depending on the needs of students and families.

Private Art Classes are also available. Click here.

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