We The People Art Exhibit

Liberty (January 3, 2019), 18 by 24 inches, acrylic and newspaper clippings collage on canvas, 2020
Liberty (January 3, 2019), 18 by 24 inches, acrylic and newspaper clippings collage on canvas, 2020

Examining American identity through art, wether it is political, activist or symbolic is a widely explored topic. The works in “We the People” investigate the current cultural climate and collective narratives. Sam Marroquin’s work is included in this collection of artists exploring a wide range of views focused on commonalities and shared experience.

The meaning of the American identity has been fraught with distorted symbolism and meaning. Puffin’s latest exhibition explores what it means to be American, with the recognition that the term has been politically hijacked in recent years. The collection of selected pieces featured frame a critique of racist and nativist notions in contemporary politics by presenting inclusive, and diverse perspectives that is both deeply personal as well as informative to the national, collective identity.

Please view the We The People at the Puffin Cultural Forum online.

This gallery and performance space is part of the Puffin Foundation, Ltd. based in Teaneck, New Jersey. Their work takes place at the intersection of the arts and the struggle for human rights as they seek to create a dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people.

Other artists include Robert Aitchison, Shahaan Azeem, Kate Bae, Tom Block, Joe Bochynski, Linda Bond, Huey-Min Chuang, Carla Cubit, Catherine Cullen, Alexis Duque, Nick Fagan, Kate Fauvell, Malaika Favorite, Robert Gerhardt, Yikui Gu, Kahori Kamiya, Tatana Kellner, Soojin Lee, Tara Lewis, Carla Lobmier, Ash Marinaccio, Cecilia Martinez, Brandi Merolla, Dan Pavsic, Krystyna Printup, Athena Rigas, Patrice Robinson, Anna Sorkina, Enne Tesse, Hui Tian, Leah Woods, and Jiawei Zhao.

The show is featured March 1 – 31, 2022 and thereafter as an archived exhibition.